5 situations that can ruin your survival plan

John Brown

John Brown is a former Navy officer and a prepper since the 1970s. Those days during the Cold War made him look for survival options and prepare for any type of SHTF scenario. Now he teaches prepping and he’s decided to retreat in the Colorado Rockies. He learns more and more about natural disasters and how to live off the grid.

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4 Responses

  1. 06/28/2018

    […] way, you are bound to obtain the best possible result. Mainly because if you are in the position to build a shelter in a survival situation, time is for sure the most important asset. So gleaning as much information as you can before you […]

  2. 06/28/2018

    […] there was FEMA, more than 100 agencies helped the states when there were natural disasters. There was a need for a single entity to help people prepare and recover from disasters, acts of […]

  3. 07/02/2018

    […] of the military I am particularly sensitive to noises and my survival mechanism reacts with instincts shaped by “complacency kills”. Sudden bangs or just barking dog are some […]

  4. 07/02/2018

    […] that off course), you can say that you are ready too. You’ve got a bug out bag and you have an emergency plan setup, so all you have to do know is take your guns and escape the fallout. Easier rules, just apply what […]

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